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Best Wildlife Photography Tours​
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Best Wildlife Photography Tours

People all over the world can join our specialized Wildlife Photography Programs in Tambopata. Certain events and details could be exploited by using the professional equipment required at the moment of sightings.


Tambopata is the perfect location for experienced travelers. However, beginners can also start the adventure that involves Wildlife Photography. 

We offer customized travel packages: Includes private transport, qualified photographer tour guides, comfortable accommodation at the lodges.

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Guided Tambopata Rainforest Tours

We recruit qualified guides to lead the groups exploring incredible sites containing the greatest diversity. Promoting  local culture with deep understanding  

Peru Family Vacation


The newest and most unique nature & photography destination TAMBOPATA NATIONAL RESERVE Amazon-Lodge-Peru. ALL INCLUSIVE VACATION PACKAGES

The Amazon lodge is located in southearn Peruvian Amazon. It’s surrounded by the exuberant pristine rainforest. You´ll enjoy the sights and the jungle flavourings.


Usually, we go out on board to enjoy the quietness of the evening and the stars in the sky. Also we look for caimans and capybaras as we light up the banks of the river using a spotlight. 

Our activities lead to the most unique experiences. Visitors interact with nature through the exploration of the rainfotest. A knowledgeable tour guide will introduce the most fascinating species living in their natural habitat.  



Amazon Resort in Peru All inclusiive Tambopata vacations packages

Take a look at the most popular tours in Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata. They all include accomodation at the lodge, meals, transportation in-out, excursions, entrance tickets and fees. 



A journey to the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve

A colorful displays in the amazonian rainforest. Chuncho Clay lick is nearby the river Tambopata where large flocks of colorful birds congregate on a daily basis to eat the clay rich in esssential minerals.  

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