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Tambopata Amazon Peru SRL, under the Tambopata Wild brand, is a local company that has been actively working in tourism since 2002. Initially as Pro Tourism Guides in the south-eastern area of Peru for tourist companies in the Madre de Dios region.


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Tambopata Wild was designed to offer you the best experience in observing animals in the wildlife. This is because our stations are located in privileged places, all connected by meandering rivers, winding trails and roads.

We have experience in observing wildlife and nature through tourism tailored to the interest of the visitor.

As an example, we assign a private guide to each couple, family group or group of friends (which can be chosen by visitors based on the skills they want through a profile of naturalist guides from the Amazon region).
They are people who have a lot of passion for nature, have invaluable local knowledge and ingenuity to overcome any setbacks during the trip.

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Why choose us?

wildlife and more wildlife

During your visit, you will be able to photograph unique animals in their wildest state. Birds, mammals, predators, reptiles, butterflies and many other exotic plants that will accompany you on your trip to the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon.

Activities at your own pace

During the reservation process you can choose the activities you require (either adventure, wildlife observation, or simply rest). We make personalized trips into the jungle. As well as different meals all prepared with local inputs.

Local Amazonian Guides

Our local guides are very fluent in English and depending on the guide you choose, they will exhibit different skills to lead you through the thick of the jungle, guide you along trails, spot the occasional wildlife and take you by motorized boat along the meandering rivers.

Beautiful Landscapes

Feel the Amazon jungle through its sunsets, unique landscapes surrounded by evergreen vegetation and sounds of animals at nightfall. The Amazon, due to its high biodiversity, is a great reservoir of colors and shapes.

Committed to your experience

We express our commitment to provide you with the best care during your stay with us.

Vegetarian friendly

We support you in your interest in consuming plant-based products. But in our case, we will use local inputs.

Support Team

We have local support at any time (by Whatsapp) who can answer all your questions without any commitment.

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