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La Habana Amazon Reserve is located in a private conservation area in Puerto Maldonado in one of the most exotic jungle regions of Peru. Many facilities surrounded by nature just to make your holidays the most unforgettable. 

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habana amazon reserve


The lodge was built in 2004, it has private bungalows with two rooms and two beds in each room, and each bungalow has a private bathroom with both cold and hot water in the showers. The hotel amenities include a bar and a swimming pool.

Hotspots neighboring La Habana Amazon Reserve

El Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick

La Habana Amazon is adjacent to the Tambopata Natural Reserve across nearly 2 hours on the Tambopata River we reach El Chuncho spot. Enjoy the landscape along the boat trip. Bird lovers will enjoy watching the striking display of dozens of macaws and green parrot’s flocks eating clay on the banks of the river. The local tour guide will struggle to show most of the wildlife of the area. 

In 2022 we’ve spotted a female jaguar leading its two cubs among the forest near riverside. Others encounters have been reported by local guides in dry season between May and October. 

Lake sandoval

Sandoval Lake is a wildlife sanctuary located within the Tambopata Nature Reserve in southeastern of the Peruvian Amazon. It is a very popular target for domestic and foreign visitors when they get to Puerto Maldonado wishing to have the greatest experience of rainforest. Lake Sandoval contains the largest variety of wild animals in the area. Up to three different monkey species could be found in 6 kilometers of path. It is recommended to bring a pair of compact binoculars for bird watching on macaws, king fishers, herons among many others. Sometimes we come across the family of giant river otters. We also will enjoy the scenery and sunset before we turn back to the lodge for relaxing time.

Parrots clay lick Cachuela

Every morning before the sun rises warming up the forest. Some species of birds among small macaws, parrots and parakeets will join together in a great fest of fluttering and crackling sounds to advise they’ll take over the cliff zone for couple of hours. These birds are very resistant to fruit toxins ingest due to the cleaning process they gain from eating the fortified clay with essential minerals in their natural diet. An exciting boat ride journey on Madre de Dios River will take us near the salt lick area to watch the birds eating.   

Lake Yacumama and Piranha fishing

Yacumama could easily be considered an Amazonian oasis standing out between the city of Puerto Maldonado and the daily activities of the locals in Santa Teresa community, just 15 kilometers ride from La Habana Amazon. The lake’s surface is a private conservation area that protects extensions of humid floodplain and palm swamp forest. Many individuals of macaws have settled in mauritia palms in the nesting season. Piranha fishing is also the target when visiting Lake Yacumama at sunset time.

River Tambopata at sunset and caiman searching

We go on a friendly boat ride near the confluence of the rivers Madre de Dios and Tambopata. We’ve got good chances looking for sloths hanging out near the bridge. Then meet people at the local farm where they rise some chickens, hens. We also learn about medicinal plants and their utilization by the locals. Waiting for the sunset go back to the boat using the flashlights to look for the reflecting light on the caiman’s eyes. Further into the Tambopata we look for capybaras also known as the world’s greatest rodent.

River Madre de Dios, Visit monkey island and Native Family

Madre de dios River is a big affluent of the Amazon River 

Tambopata Vacations Packages

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