Puerto Maldonado Peru


Puerto Maldonado Peru


Puerto Maldonado is located in the south-eastern peruvian amazon. It is the capital of Madre de Dios region near to the borderline with Brazil and Bolivia. The population in Puerto Maldoando is approximately 85,024 city residents in (2017) Puerto Maldonado tours 

Puerto Maldonado is one of the most popular tourist destinations  with a grate diversity. of species suitable for eco-friendly and nature lover travellers, photographers around the world. People fond of contact with nature looking for authentic adventures. Identify the most extraordinary species of wild animals living in the Peruvian Amazon.

Go out to the jungle to do outdoor sports, biking tours are available Bikes for rent in Puerto Maldonado



Puerto Maldonado is a wonderful destination to many people around the world looking for an appreciation of nature in their trips. Puerto Maldonado is also the entry point to many days of adventures and explorations of interesting natural sites near the city and sometimes travellers have to go far away to reach the deep jungle to find the rare species not usually found in the short journeys.

River cruisse

Enjoy an incredible sunset tour navigating the Tambopata River. Look for the wildest animals on the banks. Take a boat ride with the most special person you can have. It is the perfect adventure well recognized as the must-see in Puerto Maldonado.

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Lago Yacumama

Lake Yacumama is also a true wonder located in the middle of many farmhouses near Puerto Maldondo. You can go out to explore the lake on small canoes with a local tour guide who will show you around. You can also fish for piranhas

puerto maldonado peru lago yacumama


Go kayaking at sunset time looking for wild animals on the tributaries of the Amazon river. The best way to explore the Tambopata River is floating near the banks to watch the landscape and the animals.

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Night jungle walks

Go to the jungle to walk in the darkness of the forest. Listen to the sounds of the rainforest, at the same time you’ll use a flashlight look for all the living creatures hiding in the forest.


Canopy walk

Explore the rainforest at the canopy level. Walk along the hanging bridges above the tallest trees looking for the great diversity of species living on the treetops.

Isla de monos

The island is located 45 minutes by boat from Puerto Maldonado. You need to walk on the island to listen to the sounds of the monkeys leaping up on the branches.

Familia nativa

Visit the indigenous cultures living around Puerto Maldonado. The people of the amazon want to show a diferent way to live in harmony with the nature.

Canopy inkaterra

Visit the Inkaterra facilities in Puerto Maldonado. Enjoy a delicious lunch in a luxury hotel in Puerto Maldonado. Then visit the inkaterra canopy located in the the private conservation area that preserves pristine rainforest and the wild animals living in the peruvian amazon.

Taricaya rescue center

The rescue project Taricaya helps to reintroduce affected animals into the wild. The center has become a great opportunity for the reserchers and volunteers to teach local people and visitors the importance of the protection of the endangered especies.


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